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I've been married for 31 yrs. and for the last 10 yrs. have had a problem with my husbands sister. She tries to be a matriach of his family. She always finds a way to get into our business until I finally told her off (so to speak). But since then she has been very nice to my face but speaking in digs to the rest of not only her family but mine as well. Even my friends which she hardly knows. I'm very sensitive & get my feelings hurt easily. I feel I'm to a breaking point & do not know what to do. I do not want to cause problems with the family but at the same time I'm affraid of getting so angry that I might say something that I'll regret (I'm not a good arguer). Deb C.
posted by Deborah (age 52) on 11/22/2009 @8:03:25 PM •
Well Deborah, did you try talking to your husband about how you feel about his sister, if so what did he say and how did he feel about you talking about his sister? bottom line if your husband respect your feelings then he'll tell his sister to stop, but if he doesn't respect your feelings then he'll fight with you and make you feel like you're a bad person then maybe it time to stand up for your rights and what you believe in...instead of being a good girl and rolling over playing dead if you know what i mean. you don't have to yell at his sister or your husband to get your point across...the truth can hurt anyone feelings just as long as you tell all the facts and not just your opinion. Good luck!

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posted by Dave (age 37) on 12/1/2009

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