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"i am in a painful relationship"
i am just really confused.. omg that i had to go to the internet for help :(
ugh.. well here it is i am living with my boyfriend or fiance and we have a 1 year old i am so happy i go to school and my daughter has everything she needs my fiance treats us soo good and he loves us b0oth and makes sure we have everything we need.
BUT everytime he goes to work he drinks. he can drink for free there and he just gets out of control, he started to get home later and later and yest he came at 8 am drunk and just pased out. he is becoming like an alcholic. and i am scread, i love him and i am scard to leave him i am just 21 i dont have a good job and still in school, what am i gonna do if i leave him? im sooo sad just waiting everyday and see what time his gonna come home. like right now :'( please help
posted by dntwanatel (age 21) on 11/24/2009 @1:40:15 AM •
Well dntwanatel, you're 21 with a 1 year old daughter, that's loves a man that gets drunk everyday or so on the job and comes home when he comes home and you're wondering if you should leave him because you're in school and have no job. Well try telling him how you feel about what he's doing to you and if he doesn't respect your feeling, then maybe its time for you to start thinking about and living for your daughter before its to late. you're young but now you have to stand up and fight for your future and if he loves you it would be hard for him to stop drinking and if he doesn't stop drinking then maybe its time for you to become a woman and stop acting like a little girl and do what best for you and your daughter and stop living in the past about what and how he use to know what i mean.

if you have any more questions email me at **** and put your name under subject so that way i won't delete it
posted by Dave (age 37) on 12/1/2009
well sweetie if you get to read this , try to talk to him about it when hes sober im sure u gonna say u already did but , u need to get him in a good mood sit him down in the bedroom no noise just the the two of you and explane that if he really loves you that he need to change his ways before he looses a good family and explane to him that you love him very much and dont want to leave him , but that if thats what is gonna take that u gonna have to do it, good luck and smile cuz smiles go for miles ...
posted by rangel (age 32) on 12/2/2009

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