relationship advice (post new situation)
"its been 5 years"
ive benin a long distance relationship 4 five years .i have to be honest he is good man truly some i thought i spend forever with .i travel to see him once a year for 4 weeks its lilttle but that all i can manage .now he has never bought me anythng supported me financila and am not the type that would ever ask but i support him .he lost his job at teh start of the year and has not worked seens.ive had family problem of my own and i concentrate on them ,anyway bottom line i dont feel the way i felt about him i can go for days without contacting him b4 every single night we d talk ......i feel i might b missin out on him but i can do it anymo wat life is this yearning for sumone that is so far away doin nothing he is jobless pennyless almost the point of eviction am so tired of his naggin OMG
i KNOW I LOVE HIM IT JUST DOsENT GO AWAY but it will slowly but surely am afraid of gettin into another eelationship i wouldnt know wat to say or how to act coz i got to cmftable with by ex bf i ask should i hold on and go back 2 him and hope for the best or move on i have a job am independent i do everything for myself
posted by sarah on 11/30/2009 @6:06:32 PM •
it sounds like the man you love or been involved with for 5 years or living a double life, if your the woman you say you are...then why would you keep selling yourself short knowing that road your on in a dead end. i was with a woman for 6 years and no matter how many times her sister tried to tell me that the woman i loved and was crazy about didn't feel the same way anymore about me, i figure i would hang in there and hope she would see me for the first time again...well to make a long story short, i got hurt in the end...because i didn't and couldn't walk away because i felt i couldn't deal with the pain, but the pain came no matter how much i tried to stop it. Bottom line see the ending ahead of can do one of two things...keep walking and don't look back... or keep living in that fake world of love and sell yourself to a man that don't really want you because you're giving him the best of you...when you know he's playing you for your money. and don't think for a second he doesn't have a job, because you're his employer...if you know what i mean.

well if you have any questions for me just email me at **** and put your name under subject so i won't delete your message
posted by Dave (age 37) on 12/1/2009
sarah well a lil advice jobless no money so if sumthing was to happen to you would he b able to come and see you , sounds like a not. i have a stong heart and i know that money is not everything in life but it can help be closer and live better so if he cares he would have found a way to make money and go see u or even move u in im sorry thats the way i see things but i think u should move on its been many years and no improvement thats just gonna slow you down good luck and show smiles cuz they travel for miles ,..
posted by rangel (age 32) on 12/2/2009

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