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i work monday-saturday. I rarely get saturday off. I got saturday off due to my birthday falls on this friday and we are aloud the day after off. my husband knew that i was taking saturday off but he made plans with his sister and mother to go and visit his aunt that his family has disowned for 2 yrs due to she spreads rumors and talks bad about the family behind everyones back, in south carolina. His aunt is sick. My husband works night i work day so we rarely get time together, and my birthday is always messed up every year. I have baked my own cake since i was 13 and never got to have a birthday party. I will be 28 tomorrow. I thought just this one time we could have fun. should i feel this way. am i being fair? please help.
posted by Confused (age 27) on 12/3/2009 @7:31:09 PM •
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