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"broken window"
my son was pushed by some other lads in our village he lost his balance and accidentlt broke a window the other lads ran away my son stayed there was no one in at the time so he spoke to the nabour and went back in the morning and spoke to the people to who the window belonged giving them his name amd the other lads we heared nothing more untill this week when a bill for 217 arrived and a letter saying he hadent got in touch with the other lads he thought we should. we can not affored this amount and feel as its 2 months ago its not very easy for us to approach the other boys as they ran away they probably havent menchened it to there families i feel my son done the right thing and know is expected to pay a big bill that wasnt his fault. please could you advise on what we can do
posted by g sinsbury on 1/11/2008 @5:54:32 AM •
have you spoken to their parents? that seems like a good starting point. if they do not want to help out, maybe consult someone at your local police department. that is a lot of money to pay, and maybe if it is split between all parties involved. also, maybe you can pay in installments...
posted by jenni on 1/17/2008

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