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there is something wrong with me i have three kids and i used to be happy but recently i have been feeling unhappy i feel that im burnt out i have been taking care of kids since i was 8 thats no lie i raised my brothers then when i was 16 i had my first child and when i turned 18 i got custody of my brothers who were then teenagers and then i had two more kids and im sooooo stressed and sometimes i just cry and i feel very unhappy and i dont want to feel that way anymore i love my family they are everything to me they are my world but i feel like im fading please is there any advice i desperately need it
posted by georgia (age 25) on 12/5/2009 @3:43:55 AM •
I think that it is very natural to feel sad and depressed at certain times in life. Life is really hard and it sounds like you have had to be really strong for the majority of yours. I think that my best advice for you is to try and find yourself. Find a hobby, take a class or join something. It might make you feel better if you start doing stuff for you. Also, it sounds like you need to relax. I have heard that yoga does WONDERS for stress, not to mention will make you more calm and limber. Stick in there and I'm sure everything will be okay!
posted by Ginger (age 21) on 12/7/2009
I know exactly how you feel, although my situation hasn't been as hard as yours I have often felt that I have been taking care of everyone else my whole life. My advice would be to find you a good group of friends to relieve stress with. I have 3 friends that I can turn to anytime for anything and without them I think I would go crazy sometimes! Good luck!
posted by Jen (age 37) on 12/25/2009

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