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"Wedding advice needed!"
So I'm one of my friend's bridesmaids and she is getting married in less than a month. I have never been in a wedding before so it is all still kind of new to me but I am having some issues with some things that I could really use some advice for. This wedding is turning my bank account into a disaster! I am a student and basically surviving off my financial aid and it is pretty much gone. For this wedding, I had to buy my own dress and shoes, which came to roughly $180. Not only that, but I have spent $40 on lingerie for her for her lingerie party, and that is only the beginning! One of her other bridesmaids is a lot older then most of us and her husband and her have money. So she decided to throw her a 20's themed bachelorette party, and she asked me if I got my costume yet. Not only do they want me to buy a costume to wear to this thing, but they are expecting me to buy her more gifts and purchase games for it. On top of all that, her wedding is over an hour out of town so I have to pay for a hotel room, gas, and not to mention a wedding gift. Christmas is coming up and I literally have NO extra money. I just feel like they are asking for a lot, all things considered. I know I can't afford the costume, so what should I do?! Help!!!
posted by Ginger (age 21) on 12/7/2009 @8:43:25 AM •
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