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"I need serious advice!"
I have a 2 year old who I have raised at home with me in a relationship that has now become unsatisfying. I always told myself I would not raise a child in abroken home but now that I am in the position, it is easy to see why people break up and women go back to work. I am only 29 and my fiance has three additional children by two other mothers and my life has just become so stressful. I am fully in support of people taking responsibility for their own actions: I didn't have to sleep and get pregnant by a guy with this much baggage, it was my choice and now I have a child so I think I should make sure my choices don't screw him up since he is an innocent party. There is so much more that goes into this story that I just really need someone who is experienced in this to listen and offer advice. PLEASE!! I am frickin desperate... I dont know what to do!
posted by Christina (age 29) on 12/10/2009 @5:41:04 PM •
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