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"Can't move on..."
I've been dating this guy for 2 months. I broke up with him about 4 weeks ago because I felt like it wasn't fair to him that he liked me a whole lot more than I like him . We tried not talking for a while but it killed both of us and we started talking again. First text. Then in person. He still majorly loves me and I fee like I'm liking him more and more each day. Our past conversations resulted in wanting to do stuff with eachother and tonight I told him we should talk like that anymore even though I want to. Bottom line is, I hate seeing other girls with him, and I feel like if we were to get together again it's result in my feelings be up and down again. I don't want to be the break up make up couple. Help!!! What do I do? I don't wanna hurt him
posted by Kaishawn on 12/14/2009 @10:17:28 PM •
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