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"why do care about what they think?"
Last night I ran into old employer/friends whom I was very, very close to and had a very bad falling out 6 years ago. Running into them stirred up so many emotions of hate and I feel stupid for something I said. they asked me if I was married and said yes, and then said well no but am engaged. Of course the girl whom I can no longer stand looks straight at my left hand and there's no ring (because I'm not engaged but did not want them to think I was still alone) I felt like such an idiot and cant stop obsessing about what they think or are saying to other people. the friendship was very toxic and is a blessing that it ended. Why? do I let their opinion of me bother me. I am a better, more successful, and healthy person. How can I stop this feeling
posted by Kathleen (age 39) on 12/19/2009 @7:14:43 PM •
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