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Am confused... i drink alcohol and i do have sex with girls alot...this makes me spend money recklessly... i really want to stop this way of living...plz i need a advice

posted by Evaldas Watt (age 46) on 12/30/2009 @4:45:50 PM •
Think of all the consiquences that could come from drinking- alchol posioning, dui, it could even cost you a night in jail. Now, I don't believe you want that, if you have the urgency to drink replace it with something else. With the sex agian think of what could happen, stds, pregnacy, aids, hiv. I know those things really wont stop someone cause we all hear those things all the time, but agian replace it with something else.
but most importantly think of all the money it's costing you. Like having to pay for drinks, girls etc. just spend it wisely. Try to find a girlfriend, and stay committed.

I hope this helped you!
posted by Kara on 1/11/2010

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