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"My friends gone depressed"
My friend just turned 18 and i can realise from his behaviour he is not like his usual self. so i asked him and he said to me that he feels like he's scared of his future. he done carpentry at college and now worries about him not getting a good job or livin in poverty or wotever... he also feels less connected with his parents and family and even me who he usually adores as having like a friend! I dont know why he feels this way. Is it normal? what can he do to make it go away? why does he feel that life is nothing and stuff? please help asap
posted by Cat on 1/13/2008 @1:41:37 PM •
i think that it is totally normal to feel like that sometimes. i think he just needs to enjoy life as it comes. if he is willing to work, he shouldn't ever have to worry about never having money or anything along those lines. the cool thing about getting a degree is you can do anything with them. you don't have to stick to whatever it is you studied. for example, my step-mom went to medical school and became a chiropractor, but then hated it and now works in a marketing department. the degree just lets everyone know that you can finish something you start. it makes you more marketable to employers and really gives you an advantage over non-schoolers. tell him to just take it easy- life's already stressful enough without piling more stuff on. he just needs to be encouraged that he can do anything he wants and not to give up or not even try. be supportive. tell him everything will work out just fine. good luck!
posted by sara on 1/17/2008
Well maybe you shouldnt have friends hu turn you down all the time :S
posted by July on 1/20/2008
it sounds like depression. My son was the same way & he had gotten him some St.Johns Wort. it is an herb you can get in pill form at your local store or pharmacy. it has helped my son get his life back. it has no side effects & is much better than being put on all that psych drug nonsense which has side effects like suicide. Good luck.
posted by Marla on 1/31/2008

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