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I'm now 24 and half and i'm avirgin and i was in arelashionship didnt end well, and there is another guy i like but he lives in another country but he came once and i had crush on him and we r now talking on line..we started to talk about sex and when i told him i'm virgin he was surprised and he asked me if he can be my he wasnt be with avirgin before....
the thing is i really like him but i dont know if he like me or not or it is only because the virginity thing..
im thinking of him alot and dont know what to do
posted by bllue (age 24) on 1/4/2010 @5:38:13 AM •
I've gotten caught up in the international lover thing before for almost 5 years so I'm just going to tell you what I wish someone had told me.

Unless this guy makes a real effort to make a commitment to you, such as moving or saying he wants to be exclusive and work towards a real "face to face" relationship, you shouldn't even consider him as being serious about you at all. I doubt you want to give up something you have been saving for so long to a guy who doesn't have real feelings towards you. Plus the way you describe everything makes it sound as if you are unsure if your relationship with him is just friendly( keep in mind a lot of men have sex with "friends" they don't think they will have to see again) or romantic.

I know things get confusing in situations like these and you feel like you can't apply the same rules, but the way you explained the situation makes it sound like you already know you shouldn't but you just wish it wasn't true.
posted by rebekah (age 22) on 1/5/2010

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