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I have been married for 27 years. I feel like my husband blames me for about everything. He says that he doesn't feel well, he eats in the middle of the night and he is overweight. He tells me that I don't want to help him. I tell him he has to want to stop eating at night. Then he tells me if I don't help him he is going to die before me. That I don't care about him. He is like this about everything even his company. He wants me to deal the the accountant and I dont even know nothing about the his work. I am getting fed up. What do i do? I need help.
posted by rose (age 47) on 1/4/2010 @11:14:43 PM •
Stand up for yourself! Say that you do care, you do wanna help, But he needs to first help himself by not eating in the middle of the night, I mean what are you supposed to do? Automatically wake up and stop him. I mean he's his own person he's doing that to himself, don't listen to that stuff saying it's your fault or him try to gulit trip you. Say that you care but you can't do everything for him. Like the company problem, that's his work, his company, he needs to take care of it. He needs to take the fault for his own actions.
Good luck and I hope this helped!
posted by miranda on 1/11/2010

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