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"Career opportunity Vs. Family Trip"
So, the title pretty much says it. I am an actor and I just got an opportunity to audition (with a very small select group) for the lead in a music video. It's a low budget project, but it is for a big label. The same day as the shoot however, I was supposed to be on a father/daughters weekend with my dad and sister in Vegas because it's our last chance to bond and hang befoe my big sis gets married in April. I'll find out for sure if I got the part this Saturday, and the trip is happening the following Friday. Should I wait until then to figure out what to do? Or should I just blow off the opportunity to be with my family and trust that other good things will come my way? HELP!

Rip Torn
posted by Sara (age 24) on 1/6/2010 @2:30:36 PM •
well... i guess you have to figure out which situation would be easier to deal with later: 1) what if i had auditioned for the lead that time (and got it)? or, 2) what if i had spent the weekend with my family that weekend (then they would have never disowned me)?

that was a joke. but that really is a hard one! i think i'd probably ask dad & sis for their opinion (and - how terrible would it be to either cut the trip short or arrive a little late to make the audition?).

good luck with it! now that i've typed all this out... i'd try to pull off a [stressful] combination of both.

i saw rip torn at grand central in nyc a few years ago. he looked like he'd been living there for weeks.
posted by jon on 1/7/2010

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