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I really don't know what to do. I am in love with a guy that has a girlfriend. I know that sounds really bad, but he's very special to me. He was my first kiss, the first guy I held hands with etc.. I tryed getting over him but it just won't work. He knows how i feel about him, and he feels similar but loves his girlfriend. Also, he tends to make fun of smoe of my friends because "scene kids" are gay. I wouldn't say i'm scene, but alot of my friends are. I constantly tell him to stop but he always does it, and i can't stay mad at him. I really need some help. And the biggest thing is the kid he makes fun of the most, happens to be one of my crushes. So the kid i'm in love with hates the kid I have a crush on.
posted by Taylor (age 15) on 1/7/2010 @9:42:24 PM •
that last sentence cracked me up! if he's actually mean to your crush, i think i'd move on. because mean kids are even gayer than scene kids.
posted by jon on 1/7/2010
you should just move on, i know its hard but i've went through this before.. one of my crushes had a girlfriend and i always dreamed of him breaking up with her so i'd have a chance with him, but it never happened. i moved on found a new guy and i think i like him better than my old crush. we're still friends and i like it that way
posted by april on 1/14/2010

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