family advice (post new situation)
"My motherinlaw & her family dstrb us. "
We'r husband & wife.long time my motherinlaw & her family members disturb & interfear our private life.We didn't tell them anything.But we want do something.Even they are warning us saveral time.
Now we want to move hear to another place.But motherinlaw threaten us,if u don't give me ur new address uill be get problem.Im living GREENBELT,MD-20770.Please give me advice,what should i do.........
posted by Shahid on 1/14/2008 @12:10:30 AM •
it is your life. you decide who you want in it. if you and your spouse's family only make your life miserable, explain that to them. sure it seems weird, but i would explain how they make you feel and that you will not give them your address for that reason. if they insist, there are legal actions you may want to take.
posted by sara on 1/17/2008

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