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"young guy"
Hi there,

I hope you can help me, I am in a difficult situation. It all started 1 year ago this month, I had recently got a puppy, while walking her I passed this gorgeous guy on several occasions, but neither of us payed attention to each other, until one snowy winters night, we were out walking our dogs when we made eye contact and smiled at each other, again thinking nothing of it. As the spring and summer months arrived we saw each other everyday and again we always smiled and looked at each other, and on a couple of occasions he stopped and when we looked at each other I felt he wanted to get to know me which is nice, we have never spoken as something always seemed to get in the way,but I know he is young, not sure how old, and I felt a bit uncomfortable with this due to my age, so I stopped smiling and just looked as he is lovely, I can see over the months this has hurt him as he does everything to avoid looking at me and this hurts me too. As the colder months approached we see less of each other, but since then I have suddenly realised I have very strong feelings for him which I did'nt know existed till now, and as we live in a small scheme we are going to eventually meet, how do I tell someone nothing can happen between us when I am lying to him and myself and he will be aware of this as I would not date anyone under 30, how do I deal with this situation when it arises please advise me.

Thank You
posted by michelle (age 41) on 1/8/2010 @8:06:19 PM •
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