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"school drama"
ok so my school is all drama. it so bad i wanna move, i get threatened for nothing and get talked about a lot! its so frustrating and i cant take it anymore!! its so crazy! i've talked to the counselor and a few of my older friends that have already gone through this, and most of them said the same thing "just ignore it"... its so hard to ignore it, when i do it gets worse. i've tried everything and nothing works! any advice?
posted by april (age 14) on 1/14/2010 @7:07:26 PM •
i got your 'contact us' and i'm sorry it took me so long to respond! this has been one busy week...

i'm so sorry you have to go through all of that! people only pick on others to make themselves feel better. maybe you could always just take the high road and either ignore them or (like i would probably do...) ask them if making fun of you makes them feel better. i once had someone hanging out the window of their car yelling at me. they called me every name under the sun and told me to pull my car over to fight. my response to them was calm and collected. i simply yelled back, 'does that make you feel better?? i hope so!!' and gave her a thumbs up. that way, i had nothing to regret - i didn't lower myself to her level and didn't say anything mean back. you are better than all of those people who have so much to say to/about you. if you need someone to talk to, let me know.
posted by mindy (age 23) on 1/16/2010
okay, one last thing, do you have a facebook? if so, please ask your parents if you could add me. i just want to make sure it's okay. if so, send me another 'contact us' and i'll add you. :)
posted by mindy on 1/21/2010

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