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"parents... ugh."
i am fifteen... my parents have never really liked my boyfriend of 6 months. he was recently kinda a huge jerk. he made a mistake. i know that. and he knows that, and he's really sorry. we want to fix everything. we are in love, but my parents are forbidding me from seeing him. i can't not see him. how do i get my parents to change thier minds? i have to fix this.
posted by emlehh on 1/14/2008 @2:36:12 PM •
you are so young to have so much boyfriend drama. i'm sure your parents are only wanting what's best for you. i know that's probably not what you want to hear, but it's true. i'm sure it's hard to see that when you are the one who can't make her own decisions. just trust that they are only thinking what's best for you. they may see something you don't. you are right in the middle and they are looking from the outside in. just remember- you may be a parent one day and have to be in this same situation. what would you do if you were the parent?
posted by heather on 1/17/2008
ok so i have the same problem right now only my boyfriend and i have been together for over a year and we are engaged. well my mom hates my boyfriend/fiance because he was in trouble with the law and he is trying to change and prove he is a good person and he is a great father to our little girl but my mom hates him and i have no clue how to talk to her i try though even though its so hard. you need to try talking to your parents and then bring him over sometime and have them talk maybe they will see how great of a person he is, but i know what you mean by they dont like him i have the same problem
posted by candi on 2/3/2008

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