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"no trust"
Back in 2008 my boyfriend and I had spilt for about 3-4 months. Within that separation we both had intimacy with other people. We then realized that we should give it another try and got back together. At that time we had one child, we now have two. Every since than he talks about how he doesn't trust me (well from the whole beginning we started off wrong and he has never trusted me). I have never physically chatted on him; I have never kissed nor slept with anyone while being with him. We always argue over the same thing and I'm getting to the point where I can't take it anymore. I feel it's too much pressure on me. I can never talk to him as he never lets me finish my sayings and he always tries to make it seem itís my fault. Yes I was the one who decided to separate at the beginning, but at that point we weren't together so I don't considerate it chatting as we weren't together. He did had something to do with another person as well and I have many questions to which I would like to clear up but I tend to keep them to myself as I feel it would be better off if I didn't know about them. This past weekend we were talking and he stated that every times he looks at me he gets mad, just to think about everything I have done to him makes him want to leave but he doesn't because of the kids. I have told him I am not holding him back, I won't stop him from seeing the kids. I would rather have him leave instead making my life harder than what he has already made it. He stated that my life is the way it is because of me, and I choose it to be this way. The whole problem I see it to be is from when we started and how I told him everything about my past. He is using my past against me which he was not in. the only reason why I spoke to him about my past was because he wanted me to tell him about it, or else I would have never mention anything. I want to leave him but Iím afraid that it will do me no good. Throughout the 4 years of our relationships I have left the house and always ended up returning. I want some advice on how to handle this situation. We currently live together but we are not talking nor sleeping on the same bed. Lately he has been very secure on letting me look at his phone, so I don't know if he maybe the problem, it could be that heís getting advice from another person which is causing him to get upset all the sadden.
posted by emely (age 23) on 1/19/2010 @11:02:24 AM •
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