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"Y me"
Im a biosexuel n im a christan n i wnt 2 b straight so wt shud i do wth my lyf nd it getz harder evryday so i reali nid da advice
posted by Natasha (age 15) on 1/19/2010 @5:29:57 PM •
Y Me,

Listen it is perfectly natural and understandable that you are curious about both the female and male. Your body is going through a rush of changes and you are trying to make your mark in this world. Dont fight it! Believe it or not its perfectly natural, I even went through that stage when I was your age and wondered what the hell what was wrong with me, or if I was gay. And believe it or not, I bet u money that your friends have had the same thoughts.
I applaud that you have faith and claim yourself a christan and living with a religious family must be tough for you. Please, please, please keep to your faith but dont think that your thoughts and feelings are wrong, unchristan or the work of the devil. That's a load of crap!!!!!
God is about love and who you are as a person and the good you do for other people. Its stuffy old men in robes that is saying loving the same sex is wrong, not the bible. I have plenty of gay friends that live good christan lives and feel no shame in who they are.
All I'm trying to tell you is that you are only 15 and the whole world is ahead of you. You will come to realize that there are people just like you and will accept you for all your strengths and flaws. If you want to be straight then let it be because you want it to be and not what you think your family, pastor, bible or religion is telling you to be.
I suggest to just let things be as you have no control over who you love and live in the moment. Just find strength within yourself to be who you truly are, as God would want you to, and live the life you were meant to. It will be hard and your family may not understand, but be strong girl life gets better and soon you will know your place in the world:)
My suggestion, just hang in there and then go out and travel, as far and much as you can while you're young and learn you are not alone.
Email me at: juliestaley79~AT~hotmail if you need to talk further:)
posted by Julie (age 30) on 1/24/2010
If you are bi-sexual, then you are bi-sexual. There is no need to change it. It may even be that you think you are bi-sexual, when actually are gay. Nothing wrong with being gay or bi-sexual, live your life as you feel like. Don't believe that there's anything wrong with you and don't try to change it.
posted by Ishtiaq on 2/27/2010

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