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"My boyfried is in jail"
I am a 16 year old female who's very intellegent and outgoing and my boyfriend is a 17 year old male who's loving caring and protective of me he says he cares we have been through alot of up and down I truely love him he is my heart even though I am young I have been through alot. He has been there for me whenever I needed him he went out of his comfort zone to please me and make me happy. He was my happiness. He has a capital murder charge he is facing life he was already out on bond when this occured.. Just weeks befored this occured he expressed to me that he had been sleeping with another girl.. Days later my great grandma dies I break up with him.. Within days we are back together.. Everything is back to normal we are happy he kills someone by mistake he didn't do it out of hate he expressed that to me he is changing he wants to be with me I want to be with him although he has an older female taking care of him ( sending him stamps, putting money on his "book" she has 5 children she is 29 years old he expressed to me that made a mistake and wants me to be by his side forever... I don't feel complete without him we've been through so much together.. My family tellin me to let go what should I do I want to be with him is that wrong?? He wad my happiness
posted by Scared (age 16) on 1/20/2010 @10:00:36 PM •
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