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"Is it FaIr?"
Hello people, who ever is reading this post. My name is Niusky. I'm going through alot right now. Today i only feel like covering one subject and i figured since in reality i have no one that i can really voice certain situtations to i will do it through postings. I'm like in deep deep pain right now mentally emotionally it's like draining me. You wont be able to tell by just looking at me. I'm like really closed in with what i thing or whats in my mind in other words im very mutable. This is my situation right now i have two kids a 6 yr. old my oldest and a 3 yr. old my youngest. {neighter of them live with me at the moment} To who ever is reading out their I had my first child when i was 12 yrs. old and my second when i was 15yrs.old. It has been very rough for me in every way imaginable. When i was 12 I found out i was expecting by a source PPH. I was full of excitement, joy, i felt great, but little did i know my whole world was going to be turned upside down at such a young age. Since i was a minor PPH had to mandate a report to a source that goes by DCF. SLOWLY I WAS ALREADY SEEING MY SELF CRUMBLE INTO PIECES. I did not think it was this serious i finally thougt i was going to be at piece and have something that belonged to me and only me. Long story short my Parent went under investigation and at the end she got her custodial rights terminated.My life at that point definately changed i still totally havent grasp to what i'm still trying to sort alot of things out and now by myself wich i should not be. The situation is pretty demented in others eyes i just do not know how to reach out to the right sources. I would like to have my oldest son with me who is now resising with mymom due to my living conditions. Yet her husband has done alot of mental physival and emotional damage to me. LOOK IM 19 YRS. OLD NOWand it's like i have no direction i'm like stuck i want my child i feel like she is not stable he should not be in that home WITH THAT MONSTER OF A MALE.Long story short i was very young when all of this took place my son needs me he voices that to me discreetly. I'm not sure if the man that i'm with right now wants any children. I do not want to cause havoc at this moment because i do not think i'm in a position to do so. Should i wait until I'm in a good predicament to adress things? I'm just very afraid that what happen to me can be hapening to my child God forbid and God bless him whwn i'm not their. What should I do? I'm not a child anymore i can definately provide everything that my child needs. What should i Do? I know i'm just saying a few words but someone please give me some insight.
posted by Niusky (age 19) on 1/24/2010 @1:25:48 AM •
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