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ok.i like this guy&i kno he likes me back.well im not frend jeff has b-ball with him&he said this guy is always tlkn bout me&hes always near me starin ~AT~ me.i wanna kno if he likes me bak&i want 2 kno a good way 2 start a conversation with him.he evn asked me wat the capital was 4 the state we live in!oh&once he wlkd with me 2 my locker jus 2 ask me wat we done in math class :) he also gav me his only pencil so i wouldnt get n trouble&he would(he got it out of his bak pocket;it was weird)so plzz help!
posted by Chey* (age 14) on 1/26/2010 @9:48:17 PM •
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