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"Sad and Confused......."
I just found out my boyfriend of two and half years was cheating on me with someone he claimed was a friend for almost as long we being together. At first, i had a feeling he was sleeping with her ao i confronted him but he denied it. Two days ago, he picked me from work, we had breakfast (i had worked late), after which i drop him off to work and then decided to go over to his place and relax,( i didnt tell him i was goingto his place) when i got there, she was there. Shock and confused, i started asking her questions,She said they being sleeping together for the longest and that she knew about me because he told her all bad stuff about me. I was so mad i called him up and he just tries to blame it on me and wouldnt talk to me. I love this man but at the same time i dont know what to do. He hasnt called me, i tried going to talk to him but he doesnt want to talk. i want to move on but its so hard because i cant stop thinking about him being with her. He tells me we could be friends and i think the girl still comes around. i dont want to lose him. What should i do? Help
posted by Oge on 1/14/2008 @11:59:11 PM •
It is so much better for you that this happened now, before you get married. I know that must hurt knowing that the one person you love can 'love' more than one person. I'm sorry. Know that it's not your fault and you can't do anything to fix it. You can't fix something you didn't break. You didn't do anything wrong, he did. You should act like it doesn't bother you at all. I know it's hard, but if he can drop you so easily, you didn't mean that much to him. Don't let him mean that much to you. Guys like that don't deserve someone who truly cares about them.
posted by DHR on 1/17/2008

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