relationship advice (post new situation)
im 19 years old and im a freshmen in college, im single and ready to mingle. i been single for 5 mouths everytime i try 2 talk or approach and women i freeze up or walk pass them but when i do talk 2 one they either have a man, to old; 28 or 30, or be on there a nice guy and i respect women.i just feel left out my friends are in realtionship and im the only one is not. idk wat 2 do i need help please
posted by javon (age 19) on 1/27/2010 @4:45:32 PM •
there is nothin wrong with being shy and dont go changing to try getting a girl, if you be yourself and be patient you will find someone right for you who will like how shy you are. You could also try meeting girls in places you are comfortable, maybe being in a comfortable atmosphere will make you feel less shy but dont get with a girl because you feel left out, that could go wrong in the long run if you get in a relationship for the wrong reasons , get with a girl because you like her x
posted by mel (age 16) on 1/28/2010
I think maybe it would be beneficial to you to see approaching women as a way to make new friends, rather than to find a girlfriend. If you perceive a situation as something stressful then naturally you're going to get nervous... besides, women want to date their friends, not random guys who talk to them. Be the friend first.
posted by Katy on 1/28/2010

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