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"guyfriend trouble "
i have this guyfriend who i have been mates with 4 about 2 years now and we stopped talkin 4 a while till i came 2 college and we started talkin agen but lately he has been ignorin sometimes then talkin 2 me again and i have kinda ignored him back. But its odd mostly because we used to hugs eachother everytime we passed in the halls but know he doesnt hug me often and the last time we hugged it was wierd, he didnt hug me like he use to or the way he hugs all the other girls he knows (he is kinda a player) i was walkin in the libary and i was on my own when i saw him walkin out, he saw me and changed direction to talk to me and he hugged me by putting his hands on my hips and we hugged close out whole body literally touching then we pulled out heads apart and he quickly pulled away and walked away tellin me some news it was wierd because we usually hug with out arms around eachothers backs. And i cant get my head round that also he can be abit mean to me wen im talkin 2 one of our friends and he even smiles at me differently and he can be generally mean to me, and i do actually have a bit of a crush on him but i know he wudnt see me in that way and plus he is a player, i know i am bein kinda silly about this but i cant help myself, if anyone can help tell me wats goin on please tell me x x x
posted by mel (age 16) on 1/28/2010 @4:58:40 PM •
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