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"Guy friend"
To be succinct...

A friend of mine, "Tony", told me he was bisexual about four months ago (not a big surprise there) but also admitted to being in love with a mutual male friend. (Note: I'm a girl.) Since then Tony and I have become a lot closer, and he's turned to me often, especially since he's having a hard time getting over this boy.

However, there was a point where he thought I liked him, and he very kindly "rejected" me, saying he didn't want anything negative to happen between as a result of being in a high school relationship. It was all very sweet and thoughtful.

That's the problem. He's just... way too sweet. He and I talk about our futures, what kind of marriages we want, how we'd like to raise our kids, etc. and he's one of the few people who knows me this well. He has no problem turning to me but takes a mutual interest in my life as well... and he always tells other how good of a person I am. Which just means a lot to me coming from him.

So. I guess my question here is... am I getting in too deep for my own good? Is there really no chance at all with him? Will he ever think that maybe we'd work together?
posted by Katy (age 16) on 1/28/2010 @11:03:33 PM •
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