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"Y r u mad?"
I have alot of guy friends I just don't hang with females... It goes back to high school... This guy was liking me in high school I told Him from the start I don't hang with females I only associate with guys he wanted me to be his girl... Ok we are together he noticed a text in my phone from a guy that said wats up lil mama he got mad... He like really wants to break up like what's the deal is he seeing someone else? He was really upset we've been dating since my junior year of high school I'm 21 now and he never had a problem with any of the guys he has met everyone of my closest guy friends he knows the guy who text me... Why is he so mad...
posted by Shaunta (age 21) on 1/30/2010 @9:44:27 AM •
envy can occur to alot of guys. and, he probably just hates the fact that guys are all up on you. i mean honestly, you can't do anything about it. but, he can't hold this forever. the situation has to do with him and that 'guy'. he shouldn't be mad at you, it's not like you didn't do anything wrong.<3 soo just talk too him.
posted by Thyda on 2/14/2010

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