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"My Father."
I'm 17 years old, a senior this year in school. i'm very mature, & responsible, i think twice before i make a decision. I've never done drugs nor tend to try them. I don't drink alcohol. Many of my frineds are guys because most girls are just all about drama & i just click better with them. I love to go out & hang out with friends but there is just one thing stopping me, my father. i've always been spoiled by him until i was 15 everything changed, he never let me out, i was never able to go to the movies with friends or even go spend a day with them, but now it's worse i'm 17 years old & i'm still not able to go out i can't go to the movies/mall ect. i work a mile away from my house at a gym & my father is calling every minute, nagging asking when i'm coming home when it's only 8:30 at night & my shift isn't over till 9:30. at times he leaves out of state to work & thats when i'm able to go out, but since he's been home i'm not able to go out with my friends, i feel a since of loss, i've been getiing really depressed & this just doesn't sound like me. i've tried talking to him but he tells me what he has to say & leaves, theres no getting to him, i'm not sure what else there is to do?
posted by Karla (age 17) on 2/2/2010 @3:56:35 PM •
I used to have this problem with my parents, but now that i'm 18 they are more lenient and let me go out. I noticed that you didnt mention anything about your mom... so i'm guessing she's not in the picture? because talking to her could have helped. but maybe you just need to sit down with him and tell him how you feel. Don't let him overpower the situation, say how you feel about the situation, without letting him speak and then see what he has to say. Tell him it's not fair and that pretty soon you'll be going off to college and he could actually be making things worse by not letting you go out because when you get to college you will be overwhelmed by your freedom and could become a "wild' child. I'm sure he just loves his little girl and is realizing how much he is going to miss you when you go off to college. So while this is frustrating, you have to understand his view as a father to his daughter.
posted by Janese (age 18) on 2/6/2010

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