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"I miss her"
I've been with this girl for almost 5 months. She's amazing! She is bipolar and gets terrible thoughts about us. We love each other a lot! We are taking a break right now and it's terrible. I feel awful. I didn't lose my girl I lost my everything. I've never loved someone like I love her. So it's worse to lose her than it was to others. I initiated the break so I'm to blame. She said I'd never lose her I believe her. But I don't want her to have these bad thoughts I give everything I have and she's happy a lot with me. It's the fact that she wants to work things out in her head and it scares me. What if she decides she canít be with me?
posted by Sami (age 17) on 2/2/2010 @4:03:41 PM •
if you truly love her, you'll let her go. too be happy elsewhere[: then suffered by you. i know how you feel......i truly doo...but you have to let her go. iif she decides too be with you,then great. but if not, don't sweat it. i know it's extremely heart breaking, but if it wasnt meant too be, then its ok. i know it hurts and you just can't stand it, but if she's happy, then you must be happy too[: things WILL be ok. don't fear anything<3
posted by Risky on 2/14/2010

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