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Well I am not sure if this is really the sort of thing you can really help me with but at this point it is worth a try. I am and an Adult Baby and have been actively so since I was 14-15 (I am now 21) and I get grate comfort from my ‘baby’ things especially my dummy (pacifier). The only thing is I have always felt I had to hide it from every one but now the act of hiding it and going behind people’s backs is starting to have a negative effect on my life and is getting me down. I don’t really wish to stop doing it as I can’t see any harmful effect of the act it self and I still really enjoy it. I am not sure how to go about telling people or if it is just bust to keep it to my self, at least for now.

I would really like to be able to tell my mum, not because I would ever want her to be part of it or any thing, I just feel so bad not being hoist with her and lieing to her about this normal leads to lieing about a hole lot more. I just don't no how she would take it, I am worried she may think she has failed in some way.
posted by cid wilmot on 1/15/2008 @9:58:52 AM •
i don't think i understand. what is an adult baby? you act like a baby?
posted by sara on 1/25/2008
Maybe you lack self esteem. Do you have friends? Do you socialize? I think you can talk to your mum. I encourage it. It is important to be open with your family. maybe you both can seek counciling. it does not mean your crazy. A counciler can help you deal with underlying issues & help you to talk with your family better. I wish you the best. I don't think your crazy. Good luck.
posted by Marla on 1/31/2008

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