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"What am i to do."
So i told this guy i wanted to hang with him after school.we have been hanging out for a year and 3 months now im in love with him and i dont know if he feels the same way im so scared that if i tell him things mite not be the same. I mean he is constantly on my mind in my dreams he stares at me at school we havent had sex yet but we always make out.a while back he got mad at me because i started to tell people what we had been doing. And we stopped hanging out then like a month later he came back to me. Thats happened bout 3 times. What should i do.
posted by Tiffany on 2/10/2010 @5:15:56 PM •
oooh girl, i know how it is.
guys get mad when a girl tells something personal too someone else. and, when you said that you guys stopped hanging and that he's mad at you, that means he likes you[: he cares soo much that he wants you too go back to him. you know what i mean? and like, don't be afraid too tell him how you feel. guys like opened girls you know? and, i you cant blame yourself for like....telling ppl. you just like him so much that you wanna "spill" trust meh, that's normal. i do that too[: but give it time, he'll come back...and if he dosen't you needa step up and talk too him[: hope that helps<33
posted by Thyda on 2/14/2010

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