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"Sister's Pregnant"
So my Sister and I are really close...or so I thought... I just found out that she is pregnant with her 3rd child... but that isnt necessarily my issue...My problem is that she has known for like 2 months and didn't tell fact she pretty much told everyone but me...including my other sister and my cousin...My other issue is her boyfriend...They have been together for like 8 years and they have 2 other kids together but recently my sister ssaid that she doesn't love him and doesn't want to be with him... in fact at one point she even kicked him out...He is a deadbeat that doesn't have a job and sits around on his lazy ass...this would be ok if he babysat the kids except that my sister doesn't even want him doing that because he doesn't watch them he just lets them run wild... she asks me to watch them every weekend so that she can work and then her oldest goes to school and her youngest goes to daycare....all while her boyfriend sits at home and smokes weed and plays on the computer...and this is the guy that she is pregnant by again... I thought she was smarter than this...Anyway so my issue is the situation that my sister is now in because she feels she cant get rid of this guy while she is pregnant but at the same time, I am tired of hearing her complain about him and I don't know what to tell her about why I am so upset
posted by anne (age 20) on 2/10/2010 @10:35:26 PM •
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