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"Wife vs Mom"
Hi I feel so weird writing to a stranger for help but i dont know who else to ask for some advice...My girlfriend moved into my house (where my mom sister, baby n husband live) n it was ok my mom n wife got along great only thing wrong my sister being a huge mess always.. well now we're married n about 2-3 weeks away from moving. my moms birthday was yesterday n for some reason my wife got upset n desided she did not want to cut the cake, my mom went to the room n called her ...n she just wasnt going to mom just kept on tellin her to go out..n adventually got really upset n said some not to nice my wife wants to leave the house (within 24hrs or less) n i feel im stuck in the middle dont kno wat to realtionship with both is in the air
posted by Bart (age 24) on 2/16/2010 @11:17:23 AM •
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