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"Boyfriens vs. Mom"
About 8 months ago my boyfriend of 5 yrs asked me to move in with my 2 children but when he asked me he also asked my mother to move in so she would not be alone. I told him it was a bad idea at the time but he said it would be good for my kids so they could be with their grandmother. Since then my mother and I have grown apart, her and my boyfriend have gotten in an argument and she does things that are really irritating such as listening through the door when we are talking, getting involved when we are punishing the kids and much much more. I have sat down with her and told her we will not get along until she leaves and she says she is not leaving until she is ready but is not showing any signs of leaving. I get home and lock myself in my room just to avoid her and I do not want to go through this anymore. Please help what should I do??
posted by Monica on 2/18/2010 @5:31:50 PM •
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