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"My Boyfriend:?"
My bf is talking to other girls, and he even hung out with one, and she tried to kiss him.. idk what to do because im in love with him.. please HELP/
should i just not worry?
or delete there number??
posted by Jamie on 12/15/2007 @9:30:21 PM •
Whoa. First, did he kiss her? If so, you shouldn't stand for that. That's NOT ok. Talking to other girls is normal and healthy...Just like you probably have guy friends that you talk to. Don't let some guy think he can run over you. You're better than that. It sounds like you just need to talk to him about it. If he truly loves you too, he will be understanding and caring for what you have to say.
posted by amanda on 12/15/2007
the cool thing about it is he told you. he can't be that bad. just talk to him. don't give up! most guys wouldn't bother to tell you anything.
posted by tami on 12/15/2007
ok look he told you right? weel he trusts you enough to tell you i totally dought he did anything. if he did he would have told you so no worries. trust him enough to say ok i belive you cause if you asume that will chase them away.
posted by Amanda on 12/19/2007

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