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"Two guys "
help me decide. I'm not cheating on anyone and I dont even have a boy friend but recentlly ive been trying to decide who would be good for me.i am tall so I want a guy who is as tall or taller than me.ive singled it down to two guys(well I didnt single it down to two guys, other people have but ive still been thinking about it).one of the guys is taller than me, makes me laugh-alot- and is ehh kinda cute(not the hottest face but I could deal with it)but he could get anoying.the second guy is like an inch and a half taller than me, makes me laugh but not as much as the first, hes smart, about the same cuteness as the first, but I barely hang out with him.the only reason I have him on my list is because I found out that my friends and other ppl( my friend wouldnt tell me who) talk about how we would be good together and I decided to think about it.also I know more about the second guy than the first because for some reason he usualy gets paired up with me for a progect or hes usually my partner(in class! ! ! ) and we have all the same classes together

srry for the longness but I need advice and who do you think would be better?

posted by rebecca on 2/26/2010 @5:06:55 PM •
DONT GO FOR ANNOYING. you wont be able to stand him after like 2-3 months of the relationship. you'll hate it. annoying people are the worst. get to know the second guy really really well and let things go from there. if its meant to be, it'll happen.
posted by athena (age 19) on 3/14/2010

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