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Should I settle for my current situation? I've been in a off again on again relationship with my gf for 9 years. She is the only one that sticks with me throughtout the hard times of bouncing from one job to the next. Thing is, I love her for who she is but I'm not in love with her. She seems to be the only one who wants me around but I don't see her that way. Also, I've had 8 jobs in 2 years, I cannot seem to find what works for me and am currently a waste collector. I feel as if this is the best I can do. I've ended up in this situation, should I try to change it? Or just settle down and accept this current uphappiness and mediocrity.
posted by jason on 2/27/2010 @11:32:00 AM •
Are you college educated? College is where a lot of people find out about themselves, what really interests them, and find some direction. You can also meet people that you have more interests in. It's not fair to her for you to be "trying" to be in this relationship and you're unhappy. You'll eventually start to show your unhappiness and it will hurt her. If she's been there for you, atleast have the courtesy to just end it. Good luck with all you set out to do!
posted by Krysten on 2/28/2010

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