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I cut myself frequently.
posted by Theo (age 17) on 3/6/2010 @6:45:21 PM •
i have heard a saying "i feel dead inside, so i hurt myself to feel alive". i dont completely understand that statement because i feel that it is a product of self-pity. cutting yourself is probably because you feel bad about yourself and you're pitying your life and sying how bad your life is. try comparing your life to someone who has nothing. you obviously have it decently good seeing how you can afford a computer or phone or whatever you're writing this on and you have many people who love you. there are people around the world who have nothing, not even a single person to love them. tehy are alone in the world yet they stay happy..its because they focus on the positives. try it sometime...when you're feeling depressed, make a huge effort to think of EVERYTHING good in your life. while you're doing that you'll probably start to think of the negative as well, but that will only lead to self-pitty again. try ONLY thinking about positives and you'll be surprised how much better your life will become :)
posted by athena (age 19) on 3/14/2010

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