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"refinancing my home"
I owm my home. My boyfriend moved in with mwe last year and has been helping me with the bills. we r now having a baby and r refinancing to pay off debt on both sides and borrow some money. I am concerned that if something happens with us- he will get half of my house and i asked him what he thought was fair to do. I think from the day we both refi, he shouls get half of that house worth, but not before. He became very defensive and feels he can equally get screwed! Am i wrong?Should I not have asked? I just don't know- PLZ HELP, dOR
posted by Dor on 1/16/2008 @10:31:56 PM •
if you owned the home prior to the relationship, i'm pretty sure he cannot get any money from it. if you paid on the house without him, it seems like he wouldn't get anything. there are many factors though. maybe you could contact a local lawyer that will hear you out for free.
posted by jenni on 1/17/2008

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