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So.. It seems to me everytimeI find a guy I like that likes me back- my "best friend" who's only talking to him to "make sure he doesn't hurt me" always ends up liking him- and then they **** and tell me sorry.
What is it that they all go for her? I'm thinner, I have a nice body, I am much nicer, and I'm not controlling like she is. and all I can do is say "it's okay" to both of them. Or "**** happens"
is it because I'm not as experienced as her? I'm sorry I don't have a new **** buddy every month.
posted by SecretLover on 3/7/2010 @5:49:47 PM •
this 'best friend' of yours doesnt seem very 'best friend-like' to me. she is obviously not looking out for your best interests. i know it's not in a friendship to just freak out at your friend for doing this because you love her, but somehow she has got to realize that if you like the guy, it should be yours, just like in the 'girl code' or whatever. it is not only your friends' fault; the guys who are liking you are not very moralistic, seeing how they only go after girls if they have more 'experience'. they're obviously not worth your time and you could find someone a lot better than them. also remember that there's always someone out there for you, and when you find that guy that loves you for you, not your friend for her experience, you'll feel 1000x better in that relationship than she ever will. hope that helps :)
posted by athena on 3/14/2010
LOL. I have a friend just like that. OMG I hope you get this. The thing is that guys will **** anything OK. I look better than my friend by far but what it is, is that they can sense that she is easy to get in bed with. Let her have them. You are too good for those guys anyway. Take this advise..If you really like a guy don't talk about him infront of her. Try to meet guys without her. i hate when I like a guy and my "friend" want to talk to them. I dont play that and we are not cool as we used to be and she dont know why. I was a good friend and she wasn't I would never smile in a guys face that she likes because he would think that I like him and that I would most likely give him the **** over her. You understand. Don't feel that there is something wrong with you. Please the guys just wanna **** and your girl will be just another name in their little black book. YOU ARE TOO GOOD FOR ALL OF THEM. Find better friends.
posted by Sydney (age 24) on 3/15/2010

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