relationship advice (post new situation)
"confused and torn"
im a 19yr old male currently going through a tough time getting over my ex g. i was involved with her for 2 yrs and i thought had found someone special. i dedicated my life to her for 2 straight yrs , i mean i gave her everything.i first got to know her really well after she had a family crisis and after she had just got off from a really rough relationship with a friend of mine. (i know why date my friend's ex!) . she really meant a lot to me and she still does . i love her . i was always there for her. we live in a students hostel and with no parent's or family around to support us we felt comfortable being with each other. sure we had our ups and downs but i enjoyed every moment. thing is she was my first love . im so confused . she recently came back from visiting her family in her native country and when she returned she was acting really cold towards me. there was no level of love at all matter of fact sometimes it was as if i didn't exist. it was as if she had used me for comfort and support and now that her family issues are fixed i am nothing to her. i tried sitting down and talking to her but she wont listen, all she could say was "i want to concentrate on my life and be a better person who will serve my family , i want to work hard and change the world, i wanna have more passion" .Jane she even went on to say that" oh i need yu but i have lost passion in you, im so sorry". i cant get over her at all. my dreams are literally filled with her images. i feel so lonely .we learn in the same university and class so wen i see her it really tears my heart open and worse wen she talks to other guys. she calls me only to say hi or to ask for help, i wanna tell her how much i love her but she wont listen to me. i've been drinking recently a lot ,an average of 3 beers a night just to try to forget and sleep but its not helping pls help. sorry for the bad English but please help me. i'd appreciate any help
posted by Sasa (age 19) on 3/13/2010 @4:32:40 PM •
OMG.. You sound really sweet. But you need to fill you life with something else other than a girl. You have no kids you dont need that right now. Take it from a girl. We are able to love and leave at the drop of a dime if something isn't there. If she wanted you..she would be there for you. Please stop drinking and give her time. Ignore her. Please take my advise. Show her that you have moved on even if you didn't. Even if your heart is torn open and bleeding all over your new jeans bad as it hurt. Give her the time she needs and when or if she realizes that she wants to be with you she will come. But Dude Really..You need to move on with your life you are just 19. Go out to a club, find something that you are into and dedicate your time, and energy to that. PLEASE take my advice. I am sorry you got hurt like that but it happens... GOOD LUCK
posted by Sydney (age 24) on 3/15/2010

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