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"no love"
i'm married for 8 years i love my husband but i hate the way he is when he is around his mother.
posted by aravelia (age 35) on 3/13/2010 @7:50:41 PM •
I mean.. How is he when he is around his mother. Ya know infront of parents sometimes when you were not brought up to act or behave a certain way its hard to come out infront of them in the way you are comfortable. When I am with my friends, I curse and I smoke but when I am at home with my parents..I leave the blacks in the car and I spray to make sure I dont smell of smoke and I speak properly how I was raised. To me its just a respect issue and it maybe the same way as your husband. Now if its nothing like that please share I would love to know... Good Luck to you
posted by sydney (age 24) on 3/15/2010

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