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For 13 years I gave everything physically, mentally, and financially to a marriage thats reached its end. Even though her uncontrolled spending drove us into it, I filled for bankruptcy to save our home. Now i'm so broke I don't know how I will be able to move or if I can even get an apartment with the bankruptcy. No family or close friends within 500 miles, two kids and lawyer says I will still have to help pay mortgage and child support even if i do find a way out. Advice PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
posted by tony on 3/14/2010 @9:47:45 PM •
Hi there..

Have you ever heard the phrase "its cheaper to keep her", that applies to your situation. Deal with the issues at home even if it means to save money in other places. Try to keep the home together. Make no major moves until you have the income to do so,meaning get ready for the child support. Its coming if you leave and its not cheap it could be as much as 300 per child depending on how much you make. Paying for the house and the apartment its way to much of stress for anyone to take on right now and plus its not as bad as it seems and right now how times are so my advice would be to deal with the home. Act like your happy even if your not. Keep the home happy. Look at the Pros and Cons and then you decide.

I wish you all the luck. Remember to Pray about the situation to who ever. Maybe the forces from above could make something happen for you.
posted by sydney (age 24) on 3/15/2010

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