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Well, you see, i had…well have this best friend named Bri. We never fought before and then not to long ago, we got into some stupid argument over nothing, and got over it. But, I don’t think she did. Since then, we have not hung out, she rarely replies to text messages, doesn’t answer phone calls, and doesn’t sit next to me in the periods we have together. And now all she does is hang out with this girl she says she doesn’t like, but apparently does. And then, I got to thinking about it. I do everything I can to be a great friend to her, and did then to. But I realized, every time i told her i was upset about something, She wouldn’t answer my calls to try to help me, and she would say her phone messed up, when it was fine a minute before. And now every weekend i ask if she wants to hang out, she says her mom said no, but then she is hanging out with that girl. It just really bothers me and I tell her that I don’t think I’m her best friend anymore, but she is mine and she is like no no your mine to, but i guess not. And now she is moving in two weeks and she says were going to hang out more, but if its going like this BEFORE she moves, why would anything change after? It will just go downhill, she will completely cut me off. She will find new friends, and I will just be a person of the past. And i realized, she talks to me now, differently then she did before, she used to be happy and fun and listen, now she just stares off and goes oh and doesn’t really care, but is how she used to be with me, to everyone else. I don’t know, I can’t take it. If she doesn’t want to hang out, she could just tell me. I would get over it and understand. I haven’t hung out with one person in a month and a half because all those times, i have saved for her. I just, don’t know what to do, and I need help. Now.
posted by Rachael on 3/17/2010 @4:42:56 AM •
i wish i could have seen this before . i know exactly how you feel . But Like If This Is The Way She Is , and You Dont Like it . You Should Move On . I Mean My Bestest Friend William Totally Changed hes not fun anymore . and i guess hes different now . Just Like Your Friend She Changed. Her Name Is Probably The Only Think Thats The Same . But Yeah , Even As Much As You Want Them As Your Bestfriend . You Should Move On They'll Be Other and Better Friends . They may not be like her . But They'll be REALLY good friends . and im not saying your friend is a bad friend. im saying to Let Go , Cause Theres Better People Out There .
posted by Tiffany on 4/27/2010

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