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im 23 yrs. old. i have no friends. so im hoping someone can give me a good advice from their heart. i have a stable job full time. i dont drive. i just never thought the importance it would have. which is a stupid of me. i depend on others on everything. my sister takes me to work and picks me up. but my family is not nice as how they seem to be. they always take advantage of me coz they know i have no means to leave the house. since i dont drive how can i get to work. and my credit is messed up so icant get a car or a place. there were times my brother would abuse me by hitting me . but i never called the cops coz if i did my whole family will take his side and where would i go? my mom usually just watches as he hits me. and its sad. my sister also hits me and throw stuff at me. but i never fought back. coz i always believe in staying humble. and i dont want to hold a grudge on anyone. i dont have friends. so i dont have anyone to talk to. i hope someone out there would give me advice.
posted by melissa (age 23) on 3/31/2010 @11:43:06 AM •
sit your family down and talk to them one on one, express to them what your feeling. Go to therapy and get out of that house!
posted by Jill on 4/26/2010

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