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"dog of terminal ill friend"
I live in the midwest and I dog sit for a friend of mine. She went to a larger city (Denver) to get some medical tests done. While there she ended up in the emergency room and then in hospital with an aggressive rare terminal cancer. She in now in a hospital in New York, where her family is all from. It has been 3 weeks, I still have her dog. None of her family is willing to take the dog. I am very active and I already have 2 young and active dogs of my own. Her dog is older and has a bad leg and really does not fit into my lifestyle. The dog is a very good dog but i do not want to keep it forever. My friend is very generous and is willing to pay for all his expenses. How long should i keep this dog before I start looking for a home for him. What if my friend takes chemo treatments and gets better, what if her family changes their mind about the dog, etc.
posted by mydilemma (age 46) on 4/9/2010 @3:08:02 PM •
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