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"Am i inlove?"
well at first i meet this guy off the net and hey we have like soo much in common, we really do.. and we get on so well although i dont know him in person. Now to be honest i'm not the kinda grl to fall inlove wid guys off the net i just play it the way its played.. but he really touched me soo much that i even started to get jelouse everytime he mentions mucking around with other grls.. i have never showed him my pic and and stuff bit he says he's inlove with me and all taht and i actually believe it i really do.Everytime i cant help but to jump on msn and talked to him... one problem... I dont know him in person.. Isi t dangerouse and how do i get rid of this feel of jelousy and what shall i do???
posted by Cat on 1/20/2008 @11:17:55 AM •
I would try to avoid meeting him, I know how you feel, liking someone you don't actually know, but really the risks that there are in meeting someone off the internet are enough to put you off.

There are always long-distance relationships which don't exactly work too well.

Perhaps give it a bit of time and a lot of thought. If you're getting jealous over these girls, then just think, if he says he loves you and if he means it then he won't do anything. Whereas if he says he loves you but is some sort of 40 year old guy who can't afford a hooker (Sorry if that's harsh, I've grown up with protective parents, but i know how you feel, I was in the situation about a year ago), then he might be trying to make you jealous.

Perhaps you could get someone who lives near him to sort of give you a hand, check him out, etc? If you're planning on meeting him, that's all.

I am 14 going on 15 so I understand if you don't want to listen to me, but it is a dangerous thing, I'm not sure about where you are, but where I am, there have been so many reports on people who do that, it's dangerous.

Perhaps ask around somewhere, I'm not sure entirely on your situation, see if you can get some advice somewhere on how to handle this. But i would advise that if you want to move forward a little bit, start by confessing your feelings and try for a long-distance relationship, they're hard, but that may be your only option, at least until you know more about him.

Just for the record to prove how I see the whole internet thing, Cassie-annabel isn't my real name either.

lol. Sorry.

I apologize if this is long, feel free to email me if you need something explained.

I'll try and help as much as I can. How far do you live apart anyway?

Hope this helped.
posted by Cassie-annabel on 1/31/2008

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